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Thread: Best way to develop and deploy?

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    Lightbulb Best way to develop and deploy?


    I'm permanently asking myself how I can speed up and enhance my developing work. I was used to work with dreamweaver, where work is pretty smooth with the integrated ftp, so I have one version of my work local and one on a live system where I simply can put the files after editing.

    Recently I switched to eclipse because of advanced features and my integrated Java development. But now my integrated ftp client is gone and I cannot figure out what the best way is to develop and deploy a website.

    What are you using and how do you develop?

    Would be very interested in your workflow.

    Thanks in advance,


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    I use quanta plus, it's text only, but it comes with a lot of advanced features, plugins and built in ftp. I do belive it's linux only though.

    developing tends to start with me opening a simple template(to be styled later with css), then I start adding content. Once content is added I include one of 5 basic CSS files that I then edit to assign colours and futher layout etc. I then test it in opera, konqueror and firefox. If it looks ok then I upload it to a host and then test it again in various IEs.
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    I tried that one, but got an error on importing that sounds like "connection refused - no such repository"


    Just had the wrong repository path set... ghhh
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    I just knock up whatever in either jEdit or Netbeans and then transfer via fish:// in Konqueror.
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