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Thread: Mouse Right click not working on Laptop

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    Mouse Right click not working on Laptop

    I am using windows 2000 professional edition on my laptop, recently what happened is my right click Pad stopped working, so i have changed the click to left mouse button Pad on my laptop still it is not behaving properly.
    Also along with this issue my Excel started also started behaving like crap.

    Any idea why is it happening , some spywhere is not allowing me to do any operation...Expecting an answer...


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    So, Excel and the touch-pad went sour?
    Was it a touch-pad or button?

    Could this possibly be an issue with the maker of the laptop-mouse device? Maybe the drivers.
    Who made it? Synaptics, perhaps?
    In fact, what is your compter's model?

    Sorry, we'll need some more information.
    But we won't give up!

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    it is a touchpad on Hp Nc6000 laptop,
    even the lower right click ones of touchpad and the upper right click button of touchpad is not working.
    Also IE is not allowing full download, it just downloads till 15% after that it stops, Regarding Excel it is not allowing me to click on the cell,
    the touchpad drivers are Synaptics touch pad v5.9 on PS/2 port 3, i have updated this driver couple of times also recently but nothing happened. the device status of this says OK.

    computer model nc6000 HP laptop
    thanks, hary

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    Hmmmm.... It sounds like you're having troubles all around.
    The Internet Explorer issue sounds like Spyware, or just an IE Blunder. Easy to fix though! Browse Happy. (Firefox is best!!!)

    Have you Spybot or AdAware for spyware removal?

    Otherwise, hmmm....
    Do you update the touchpad's drivers, or the touchpad's software? That might make a difference. Wait- can you use an external mouse? If you can, then that would rule out the possibility that the matter is a software one. In that case, the touchpad might be dying. Sorry.

    We'll figure this out yet.

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    My left click on my touch-pad stop working!

    Okay so i have a Dell- Inspiron 1520
    Works great installed W7

    My touchpad was working great until yesterday. Now i check all the drivers working fine. I check the buttons they're connected what i dont understand is how i an navigate around the window with my finger but can not drag the bar or click on anything on the window because (the key) wont click. the left clicker is fine works light a charm.

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