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    Countdown clock

    Hi all,

    I'm having an issue with the countdown clock. I use the code at http://www.hashemian.com/tools/javascript-countdown.htm

    In that site, it seems that every thing is ok. However, in my site it's not working properly...

    Here is my ColdFusion page (you can replace with another language, I just use the now() function of CFusion, just because I need to get the Time on server, not on Client)

    <script language="JavaScript">
    TargetDate = "#DateFormat('2-29-2008', 'mm/dd/yyyy')#" + " " + "#TimeFormat('16:00', 'h:MM:ss tt')#";
    Now = "#DateFormat(now(), 'mm/dd/yyyy')#" + " " + "#TimeFormat(now(), 'h:MM:ss tt')#";
    CountActive = true;
    CountStepper = -1;
    LeadingZero = true;
    DisplayFormat = "%%D%% D, %%H%% H, %%M%% M, %%S%% S.";
    FinishMessage = "This item has expired";
    	<script language="javascript" type="text/javascript" src="scripts/countdown.js"></script>
    And the JavaScript code is as following

    Author: Robert Hashemian
    You can use this code in any manner so long as the author's
    name, Web address and this disclaimer is kept intact.
    Usage Sample:
    <script language="JavaScript">
    TargetDate = "12/31/2020 5:00 AM";
    BackColor = "palegreen";
    ForeColor = "navy";
    CountActive = true;
    CountStepper = -1;
    LeadingZero = true;
    DisplayFormat = "%%D%% Days, %%H%% Hours, %%M%% Minutes.";
    FinishMessage = "It is finally here!";
    <script language="JavaScript" src="http://scripts.hashemian.com/js/countdown.js"></script>
    function calcage(secs, num1, num2) {
      s = ((Math.floor(secs/num1))%num2).toString();
      if (LeadingZero && s.length < 2)
        s = "0" + s;
      return "<b>" + s + "</b>";
    function CountBack(secs) {
      if (secs < 0) {
        document.getElementById("cntdwn").innerHTML = FinishMessage;
      DisplayStr = DisplayFormat.replace(/%%D%%/g, calcage(secs,86400,100000));
      DisplayStr = DisplayStr.replace(/%%H%%/g, calcage(secs,3600,24));
      DisplayStr = DisplayStr.replace(/%%M%%/g, calcage(secs,60,60));
      DisplayStr = DisplayStr.replace(/%%S%%/g, calcage(secs,1,60));
      document.getElementById("cntdwn").innerHTML = DisplayStr;
      if (CountActive)
        setTimeout("CountBack(" + (secs+CountStepper) + ")", SetTimeOutPeriod);
    function putspan(backcolor, forecolor) {
     document.write("<span id='cntdwn' style='color:" + forecolor + "'></span>");
    if (typeof(BackColor)=="undefined")
      BackColor = "white";
    if (typeof(ForeColor)=="undefined")
      ForeColor= "black";
    if (typeof(TargetDate)=="undefined")
      TargetDate = "12/31/2020 5:00 AM";
    if (typeof(DisplayFormat)=="undefined")
      DisplayFormat = "%%D%% Days, %%H%% Hours, %%M%% Minutes.";
    if (typeof(CountActive)=="undefined")
      CountActive = true;
    if (typeof(FinishMessage)=="undefined")
      FinishMessage = "";
    if (typeof(CountStepper)!="number")
      CountStepper = -1;
    if (typeof(LeadingZero)=="undefined")
      LeadingZero = true;
    CountStepper = Math.ceil(CountStepper);
    if (CountStepper == 0)
      CountActive = false;
    var SetTimeOutPeriod = (Math.abs(CountStepper)-1)*1000 + 990;
    putspan(BackColor, ForeColor);
    var dthen = new Date(TargetDate);
    var dnow = new Date(Now);
      ddiff = new Date(dnow-dthen);
      ddiff = new Date(dthen-dnow);
    gsecs = Math.floor(ddiff.valueOf()/1000);

    If we wait for about 2 minutes then press F5. The time will be different...For example, when I open the page, the time is ... 10 minutes 30sec, after 2 minutes, the time now is 8 minutes 30 sec...at this time I press F5...The page is loaded again and the time will be 8 minutes 49sec... or sometimes it will be 7 minutes 30 sec...

    I just guess the clock is running faster than the real time...but ...sometimes it's faster and sometimes it's slower....so I can't understand...

    Do you have any ideas? Thanks very much

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    Cool Problem solved!

    If you need the answer (after 4 years!) here it is:

    first of all It's not your fault. It's because of inner scripting.
    One second calculates at 995 m.s. So Yeah, u guessed right, It's faster!

    I wrote anathor script (based on this script) and you can find it here:

    You can press F5 (even after 10 hours!) and the time won't be changed.

    Hope I helped you.

    Sorry for my bad language! (Because, u know, English is not my native language)
    David Refoua

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