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Thread: newbie need help!

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    Question newbie need help!

    Hi im new to web design before i just used to use geocities but now i want to build bigger and better sites, i made a registration form using dreamweaver and i want each person to be able to choose their own username and password or be given a individual password, ive looked at some of the other threads on this subject but i couldnt understand most of it and i was woundering if someone can write out the whole code for me so i can just add it to my form

    thanking you in advance

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    This requires server-side programming. It's not as simple as just adding something to the form. What you can do is find a premade package to do this for you. Search the Web for terms such as "perl cgi php script registration".

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    Jeff suggested this site, Check out http://cgi.resourceindex.com/ , to another member. I just checked it out and found quite a few affordable scripts.

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