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    Exclamation adsense not working

    hi i have a site with adsense ads by google (Adsense for Content) and i made a proxy site and had ads up and working. but when i went to check my site in school it worked but the ads were not showing up. so i realized Javascript is blocked on school websites so i am trying to find a way to get Google Adsense ads on my site that work properly and are not blocked because of javascript is there any way i can do this? i was thinking of putting the javascript code i get from google for the ads into a flash (.swf) file and see if it would work. can someone please help me.

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    Do other websites with Google Adsense ads display correctly at the school? If not, it could be a browser setting, associated with Content Advisor or Active X controls.


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    if the school is blocking syndication.google.com there isn't a work around for this that I have found...

    This is fairly common, most open wi-fi services will also block this if it's properly setup.

    I'm not sure how I feel about that myself... I think there are more worth while things to block, but if your site depends on that traffic and the ad views your going to need to look for another source to earn a living.

    On the Plus side those page views are not counted against you if the ads aren't shown.
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