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Thread: IE - Page never completes loading after reload

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    IE - Page never completes loading after reload

    This seems to just beat all...

    I've got a page that loads just fine the first time it's hit... actually, it loads very quickly. But after hitting reload, the following happens:

    - Static content appears
    - The loading bar freezes about 20% of the way in, with message "waiting for site."
    - Most instructions in css are followed, except background images specified in css (usually) fail to appear
    - None of the javascript that is triggered onload is activated.

    This is just in IE 6 & 7 (of course). Anybody run into this? What would cause a page to hang, but only when reloading?

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    I suggest you validate your HTML, CSS, and javascript. Then, run a speed test on one of the pages with the problem, to see if the file sizes of the images/media are too large.
    HTML: http://validator.w3.org
    CSS: http://jigsaw.w3.org/css-validator/
    Javascript: http://www.javascriptlint.com/online_lint.php
    Speed Test: http://www.websiteoptimization.com/services/analyze/


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    Had the same problem even after validation... but I do think I've gotten this fixed.

    One of the tags calling an external script was at the bottom of the page. Move it to between the <head> tags, and the problem goes away. Best I can determine is that a video player on the page was preventing the external js from loading. This seems to be the file the browser was "waiting" on... forever.

    Not terribly satisfying, since I'm also supposed to put the call to our metrics at the bottom of the page. That seems to be coming in OK every time, though. Weird.

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    Best I can determine is that a video player on the page was preventing the external js from loading.
    Is it a javscript-run video player, or just an embedded video?
    Either way, it could be the file the player is attempting to play, rather than the player itself. It might be hogging the bandwidth.
    Just an idea....

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    Well, I'm still banging away at this.

    It turns out the video is not the (only) problem after all... I'm still getting the incomplete load behavior sometimes, even with the video player removed.

    The browser's telling me there are items remaining to be loaded, so this

    window.onload=function() {
    ...do some stuff here...
    is never called. I'm getting that message even if everything on the page did, in fact, apparently load. Is there any way to tell what mysterious files IE is waiting for?

    What I'm doing for the time being: a couple of no-nos, but I'm at a loss for what else I can do short of a window alert that says: "Shame. You're using Internet Explorer. Stop that."

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    Quote Originally Posted by toicontien
    If the video is inserted into the page using JavaScript, ensure it's not inserting invalid/broken HTML, as this might alter the DOM so that your JavaScript metric tag isn't recognized.
    Point well taken. It's a flash video. Javascript is indeed inserting html (now... I'm telling it to wait a second before loading the video player). The html, however, is perfectly valid, not an <embed> tag in sight.

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    Quote Originally Posted by toicontien
    Without a link to the page or code to look at, we can't really help you further.
    Of course I understand that, and appreciate the help that's been given to this point. Thanks to all.

    I've thought about what I could, and what I cannot, bring to this forum. Unfortunately, there's really no way to delve deeper into this without all of the code... and I'm not allowed to do that.

    Thanks, though.

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