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Thread: important html issue

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    important html issue

    i need help i would like for the visitors of my site not to be able to view the names of html files.....

    for example if the name of the site is

    iwould like to have it not show the file name when i click on the link and when they're taken to that page..



    I need help pls respond today...

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    attempting a "bait & switch"?

    Anchor text might say "Wholesome, nice Family-oriented Web-site" and actually link into a raunchy pay-per-click XXX-porn site vis-a-vis "bait & switch"... -just trying to get my head around why one would need what you are asking for...

    You may have a legitimate reason for this... I just can't think of any.

    I just read this thread: note the addemdum by felgall which supports my contention:
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