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Thread: word wrap in php

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    Question word wrap in php

    When ever a code line becomes too long the code doesnot work...i noticed that this is happening because code line is being wrapped. Even if i do not use word wrap in my editor when i check the file online after i have uploaded it the code line is automatically wrapped and the code does not work until i make code line shorter....But the problem is that i cant make shorter is there some kind of command for line break in php???

    thank you

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    What could you possiblily need to put that much code on one line for? Wouldn't it be easier to split you code onto more lines??

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    my problem is that i need to submit a very long form into a database using only one page for the form....its seems like the mysql function " INSERT INTO ....." does not work when i use more than 16 fields in the form. can anyone help me with that please?

    Thank you

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