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Thread: What forum software is this forum using?

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    Smile What forum software is this forum using?

    Hey all

    I am looking for a really simple, stream-lined, easy-to-use, no-clutter forum software and I really like this one. What software do you use for this forum, or is it custom?

    I have bbpress installed at the moment & it's excellent & exactly what I am looking for, but would also like to experiment on my users with this one.

    Thanks in advance for any replies.



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    Sorry, I just realised that this is not the layout/forum I was talking about, but rather the one here:


    and then the replies page looks like this:

    It looks to me like it's only the archives that get displayed without all the typical "forum-like" layout.

    I want the one that looks like the archive.

    Can anyone help?


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    There isn't any forum software that I'm aware of that looks like that. It is strictly intended for search engine bots to crawl. It has no posting or reply functionality.

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    Heh, and yet there are still ads on it.

    Anyways, you could try looking into phpBB forums, they're free which is always a plus, and because of it's freeness, there are a complete shed load of themes available for it. Almost certainly there will be a few minimalist themes in there too, you just have to google around for them.
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