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Thread: Need internet marketing solution?

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    Need internet marketing solution?

    I am new to web and I want to promote my business on the net. I want an online store targeting e-customers as this is the place where most of the crowds land. Here, I need advice from you people so as to suggest me a good web development team that can make a well designed site that can attract good traffic. Any type of suggestions is welcome.
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    I'm curious, because we get these "I am new to the web..." posts periodically...

    Is it actually the case that prior to now, you have not been on the internet, happily moving through your life in the real world, and you suddenly woke up one day and decided you needed to build an online store on "this web thingie" that you don't really know anything about? And then you searched out how to do that and eventually ended up at WebDeveloper.com?

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    Tracknut that is a very good observation... and here I spent time writing a real reply to this posting under the business section.
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    See your other post. This thread is closed.

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