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Thread: loading videos-problem

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    loading videos-problem

    Hi guys,

    I have the following problem. I am making a web page in Dreamweaver in which I would like to include 5 to 10 videos (flv), each one of them is around 5 Mb. The problem is that when I upload them in the internet and I enter the website all of them start loading at the same time. What should I do to make them start loading when you click on them instead of when entering the website.
    My other question is do you know how can I make the web page to have for example only one player, and the other videos to be shown only in thumbnails as a playlist. When you click on the thumbnails, the video should load in that particular player.
    I hope someone will help me solve those problems.

    Thanks in advance

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    The solution is relatively simple. You need to embed a player (with controls, status bar, etc.) into your Web page, not the video files themselves. There are a lot of Flash players available on the Internet, just Google “.flv player” and take your pick. That will allow you to use a player and a playlist to choose the video titles from instead of seeing all the videos at once.
    If on the other hand, you would like to create your own custom .flv player from scratch or with Flash components, it’s a little more involved but much more rewarding (IMHO). There are lots of tutorials available to walk you through the process of creating the player and using an xml file to hold the playlist. Here are a couple of my favorite:
    Good luck on your project!

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    If you'd like to have a thumbnail, you can try Moyea flash video mx.
    "It can convert video to Flash by creating a Flash Video player (SWF file) for the generated FLV file. It also provides various playback skins with different styles for the SWF file, and automatically creates an HTML page to display the SWF file. With Flash Video MX, you can add special effects, movie beginning and movie end, edit frame rate and audio effect, add multi-functional control bars to the generated Flash files, and even replace the original audio with your favorite music in the output Flash. "
    You can search "flash video converter" on google.com for more info.

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