Hi all,

Forgive me but I am new to this… I have been a php many for years
Ok I have this lovely little popup calendar that works great but and the but is... that I need it not able to click on days that has passed - previous days

e.g. a start date, well it does contain this function but, it does not default from today’s date e.g.(now date).. you have to set it manually each day
The function for this is

start_date : null, (on line 17)

and I need this to be start_date : today, and not have to type in start_date : 09,03,2008, each day


I need the weekends to be unable to be selected in the same way / format as before

If somebody cold please point me in the right direction, it would be a great help and I could get to bed in a more reasonable hour on a sunday night.

P.s. this project is for the brother in-law !!!

Sorry if I have rambled