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Thread: HELP!!! using textbox data to over-write metadata

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    Exclamation HELP!!! using textbox data to over-write metadata

    Hi all,

    I need some help on this asap, preferably today. I have a text box set up in my CMS system that I want to use for product SEO, i.e meta data. My question is how do I get php to bring in the value of the text box as a html title?

    I have a box called Meta Title. When there is text in this box I want to be able to have it over-write the html title of the page.

    Someone help!

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    A little more information, maybe even some example code may help here.
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    Ok, So I have a CMS system which our company uses. In the VCP (Virtual control panel) I have set some extended fields at a product level to input metadata for each product. I want to be able to bring out the information I input into these boxes into the metadata of the page. i.e Page Title, Keywords and Description.

    PHP Code:
    <? $theTitle=<venda_pdxtmetatitle>(" - "false); if($theTitle "") { ?> <title><?php echo <venda_pdxtmetatitle>("",false); ?></title> <? } else{ ?> <title><?php <venda_invtname>; ?></title> <? ?>
    This is a code I have been trying. Our system uses specific unique codes to access certain boxes so the first extended field I have set up is the <venda_pdxtmetatitle> which would relate to the Meta Title extended field text box at the product level and the <venda_invtname> is the Inventory Name if no data in the <venda_pdxtmetatitle> is entered.

    Does this make more sense?

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