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Thread: Embed video issues and menus!

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    Embed video issues and menus!

    New to the post here, and I've ran into a problem with embeding a video directly onto a page, where I have top menus / with drop menus, and the menus, continue to land under the video. I've tried layers, doesn't work! I've resorted to placing the video in a pop up window, however the client is adament about wanting it embeded on the page, so I'm looking for alternative solutions for placing it on the page, where the menus will show above the video instead of behind it? I'd love some suggestions please as to how to resolve this.

    Here is the page: http://www.acteliteteam.com/compensation_plan.html

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    The default wmode is window which means always in front. A wmode of transparent or opaque will allow other elements to overlap in front of the video.

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