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Thread: .NET Reports ,rdlc files ,Page break while grouping

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    .NET Reports ,rdlc files ,Page break while grouping

    Hi ,
    I am creating a report using rdlc files. I want page break at the end of a group , but not at the end of last one..
    In my example , I using a list . I have alreday put the condition for the page break , but its giving page break at the end of last group also , which i dont want.
    Please let me know , how to proceed .
    Thanks in advance ,

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    On the first tab of the List's properties is a checkbox labeled "Fit the list on one page if possible". Check that, the other 2 checkboxes for page break before and after the list should not be checked. Then click the "Edit details group..." button, don't check "Page break at start" and do check "Page break at end". This worked for me.

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    Rdlc reports ,

    Thanks for your help . i tried the same scenario but its not working for me.
    Let me agin explain the whole thing , what i am trying to achieve.

    I have created a list with a sub report inside it . The subreport has a matrix as dynamic number of columns are to be generated.
    I have set the property , Page break at end of the list, which is under Edit details group section, as I want each sub report to shown on a seperate page. On each page i am also showing the sum total for the sub report.
    On the last page i want to show grand total(of all subreports). This grand total is calculated just outside the list as this has to be shown only once.
    I don't want page break on the last grouping otherwise , i will end up showing grand total on a seperate page , which I don't want.
    As suggested by you , I also checked the option ,fit the list one one page option , but it did not helped.

    Looking forward to your reply,

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