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Thread: Desperate help needed (IDE + SATA HD)

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    Desperate help needed (IDE + SATA HD)

    Hi !
    I just bought a new computer, and I know it supports 2 IDE connections.
    There is a SATA HD, on which I installed Win XP.
    Now, I'm trying to connect my two IDE HD (western digital, 80Go each), and no way !
    Neither are detected.
    I followed the instructions provided on the motherboard manual, and I can't get them to be detected.
    They don't show up in the BIOS, they don't show up in the "my computer" either.
    They are set as master and slave, with the connectors following that logic too.
    I tried setting them as CS, didn't work.
    I tried setting them both as slaves, one HD showed up, not the other (when I retried that exact configuration later, I could get none to show up).
    I tried setting them as slave and master, no.
    I tried unplugging one of them, no luck.
    I tried using the power cable thingie from the DVD device instead as the one on the SATA drive, no luck either.
    I'm quite desperate, because I've been trying all the configurations for two hours now, and none of them work.

    Additional infos : the HD that showed up once is the one with the datas and no OS on it. No partition either.
    The other one has WinXP installed (which I plan to whip off once I get my datas back), and has 4 partitions. Could that be the problem ?
    My motherboard : http://www.prodimex.ch/pInfos.aspx?CODE=13855

    Any help would be greatly appreciated, as I really need to have access to those datas and I won't have access to a HD USB box (don't know how it's called in English) before next Tuesday

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    Ok, people, drop it, I don't know what happened yesterday but today I was able to make it work without problems.
    For info, I put both IDE HD as Cable select.
    One as master, one as slave.
    They were finally recognized, and all is well that ends well.

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