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Thread: timed movie event

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    timed movie event

    Hi all, I am new here..so maybe I am not in the right area for this.

    What I want to do is create a timed playback of an flv file..

    In other words, tell people it will only show at a certain time.. so they can log on at that time and watch it..

    sort of like at the cinema where the sign says "next show time"

    what would I use for this?

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    If this announcement is to show up on a Web page, just a simple bit of (html) text would do fine. If you want to jazz it up a little, you could create a short animation in Flash to serve as your movie theater marquee. Then insert the finished .swf in to the Web page. The marquee could even be in the same location that the movie would be shown. Then at the appropriate time, pull that file and embed the actual video event.

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    thanks for the quick reply ,,however is there a code / script..perhaps php I could use just to trigger it at the certain time..maybe some sort of countdown thing..that triggers an event when it hits the spec time..or zero

    It would already be uploaded and stored and would activate at that certain time..thanks again

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    What you want to do is possible but , as you say, requires some server side script.

    It would be relatively simple to generate the HTML page via a script which checks the server date / time before deciding which 'object' to embed on the page. Just about any server language could do this.

    php is probably the easiest & most flexible option to achieve what you want, but I'm not an expert so I would post on the php forum.


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