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Thread: How to do a "drag picture" like google map

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    How to do a "drag picture" like google map

    Hi all,
    I would like to create on my web page a architectural blue print of a house that people can see everything but inside a small 800pixel x 500pixel. My picture is 10 times bigger so I would like to do the same process as Google Map, you click and drag your mouse to move the map and with the zoom thing. Is they a way to do it ? a program that exist or could Dreamweaver can do it ? is they somewhere I can buy a programm ... how does it work

    Can I do it with Flash, Dreamweaver, Flex Builder .... can someone highlight/help me on this one ?

    Help would be gracefull !!!
    Thanks in advance !

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    There are a few different ways to get this effect. It will all depend on how much time and knowledge you have.

    In flash, you can do this, but you would need to know how to actionscript. The scripting would be pretty basic depending on what you want to do. If you just want to have a static image, you can set it to click and drag to drag it around the stage. To get fancy you could set boundaries so the picture doesn't get lost outside of the stage.

    An html/javascript option would be to set the picture in a div that has the set width and height and set the overflow to hidden. You would then set another div to hold the picture. You can write up a javascript that will allow you to click and drag the image. This would give the same look you are looking for.

    I did a similar effect for a scrolling div that scrolls on a button click.

    This is to simple for flex, in my opinion, as the same effect could be done in flash.

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    Thumbs up dragging effects

    i also wanto creat that effects like google map,an i'm learning actionscript .could you shed some light on the problem?
    my email adress is y1j3@sohu.com

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