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Thread: Live Video Streaming Software?

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    Red face Live Video Streaming Software?

    Hi does anyone know how I can achieve the following?

    I have a streaming account with a hosting providor.

    I need to be able to play pre recorded video and audio files (flv & mp3) live on a web page WHILST monitoring an incoming LIVE feed via flash media encoder.

    For instance: cameraman is filming a conference and is streaming his broadcast to me... but i need to play background music and corporate adverts until the speaker at the conference is standing at the microphone and then i need to cut to him for a live feed.

    Is there software that will allow me to do this?

    If so please let me know which and roughly how much??



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    Windows Media Encoder will allow you to "insert" pre-recorded video files into the stream while you wait for the action to resume. It's free, works pretty well, and is supported by most streaming video hosts. I've used it a number of times on smaller projects but am planning a much larger project for the first part of May. Get it here:


    One problem with including pre-recorded video in the stream is that you will be paying the streaming rate (which is pretty darn expensive). For example, a one hour show could contain 45 minutes of action and 15 minutes of slow time. Here is where you would put in the pre-recorded stuff. For every 1000 viewers, the extra 25 % bandwidth (about 33 GB, 1000 viewers X 300kbps bitrate X 15 minutes) could cost lots extra, depending on your hosting plan. Multiply that up if the event is more than an hour or more than 1000 viewers.
    I am currently trying to work out the means to switch back and forth from streaming the "live performance" to progressive download of the pre-recorded stuff. I'm working from that angle not neccessarily because it's better but because I need to keep the cost down.
    I'd be curious to know how you finally solve the problem.

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    Ooooopps...I didn't notice the Flash part until I had posted the above. Windows Media Encoder produces .wmv not .flv. But it does work as stated.
    When you say you are using a "flash media encoder", what software is that? It may have the same features as the Windows version.

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