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Thread: Database blueprint, please advise.

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    Database blueprint, please advise.

    As you can guess, I am new to database programming and desperately need advise. I have three tables, "Account", "Admin" and "Report". Table "Account" will be used to store the customers information at the time of sign-up. "Admin" will be used to store information of the few chosen admins that will have access to the information stored in "Report" via a web page. "Report" table will be used to save the reports that will be submitted by users. I am wanting to give user (submitting the report) the option to remain anonymous and was thinking, instead of having a unique user_id, maybe I should just have report_ids and the "Report" table will be used to store information about the user if they chose to provide it otherwise the report_id will be used to reference the report and anything else submitted by users (this model is what I am using right now). Users will also pick a password to access their account, and then that "account" will become their "report id" therefore accessing only one report at a time, hence the user may have several "accounts" if more than one report is submitted.

    If this is confusing please let me know so I can better explain, and please feel free to advise ANY change necessary to make this blueprint better and more efficient for future use. I am in the very beginning state and would appreciate any feedback, especially on how to go about linking the tables, make what primary, etc...

    View Database Blueprint

    Thank you.
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