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Thread: expanding thumbnails

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    expanding thumbnails

    Hello gals and guys,
    I am using Flash 8 for making a website and need some help. I would like to have pictures in thumbnail size but when clicked on they expand to there full size. Thanks for your help.
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    Would you like the expanded image to "push apart" the thumbnails or are you thinking that the larger image would display in another area?
    So for example, you have 20 thumbs off to the right (or left or above) and then when you click on one, a larger image of the thumb shows up above (or below or where ever)?

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    I was thinking of having the thumbnails set up in a grid format then when clicked on the background faded out to black and the full size picture over laid the thumbnails. If that is to hard then i would have the full size just go a open area.
    Thanks for your time on this matter.

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