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Thread: My Website Design Company in Los Angeles

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    Post My Website Design Company in Los Angeles

    Hey everyone we just launched a brand new version of our website www.kryptonicwave.com and I wanted to get some feedback. We added a lot of the features people suggested last time and would like to know what you think.

    Thanks in Advance

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    Nice site! I really like the flash effect with mouse over the banner(I usually dislike those things but yours is rather neat). Two things I'd like to point out though. First, you declare XHTML 1.0 Transitional in your DocType statement, but you have 14 errors (those are mainly due to your use of javascript). Also, there is a thin black border around your header area, and the main body of the content has no specified border. This creates a sort of optical illusion that the banner is too short (squeezed in) by a pixel on both sides.
    P.S. Looks like you guys used some SEO principles in design (titles, names, etc.), good for you!

    Hope it helps!

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