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Thread: Getting live data from another site.

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    Getting live data from another site.

    This probably isn't possible but I thought to ask anyways. I want to create a page for me and my friends that takes live scores from the Masters golf tournament and calculates the sum of some of the players scores. I was wondering if there was someway to get these updated scores from another site to my site without me actually having to update them myself. I know a RSS feed could do this part but the thing is I'd want to take the actual data and use it to calculate scores.

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    See if they provide you a mechanism for getting scores or stats via web services.
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    A Possible Solution...

    As long as you keep this to a minimum, you could create a PHP script that downloads the scores page periodically and processes the content. However excessive use could have legal implications...

    Look into PHP/cURL, to download the web page and create a parsing routine to isolate the necessary information.

    Hope this helps

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