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Thread: ASP Ecommerce Solutions, what's your choice?

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    ASP Ecommerce Solutions, what's your choice?

    Hi all developers,

    I'm curious to know what ASP Ecommerce solutions do you guys (or your clients) prefer, in terms of stability, functionalities and budget wise.

    ProductCart? ASP shopping cart? CandyPress Shopping Cart? Comersus?

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    I rolled my own. Took some time but I have complete control and can customize any part of it at any time.

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    I am currently working with Comersus - not by choice - but because the customer bought it and wants to use it - convinced it is superb. The instructions are quite cryptic when you are trying to set it up and when you go to the forums for help - the help is minimal. Only giving you the bare minimum answer that doesn't really answer a question but leaves you wondering if you are missing something. I wouldn't recommend it, I don't have any other suggestions - but I hope you don't go with Comersus.

    Side note: That is the reason I am here on these forums today - trying to find assistance that I am not getting on the Comersus Forums.

    Good luck in getting something that works for you!

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    I use ecom for my software, not really shopping cart type,

    But I have interfaced to securepay (www.securepay.com.au) using the com object and find it very good.

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    Thanks everyone for your response!

    Hmm.. I personally am PHP coder, but since we survive based on clients, we need to consume what clients feed us too! That's bad

    I'm still looking around for one that's best among the bad..

    Opinions and suggestions are still welcomed! Thanks!

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