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Thread: Embedded Quicktime - Prevent Pre-Loading

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    Embedded Quicktime - Prevent Pre-Loading

    Hi, I am new to this and am experimenting with embedded video and audio. I have quicktime working, but was wondering if there was any sort of tag attribute that would allow me to prevent a video from loading until the user clicks the play button. I have used the "autoplay" attribute to prevent the video from playing, but I don't want even the data to transfer over until the user hits play.

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    Well, I’m not all that familiar with QuickTime so I can only offer a few suggestions coming from a Flash .flv and Windows .wmv background.
    First, if the autoplay is value="false", are you sure the file is downloading?
    If there are more than 1 video the easiest thing to do is bring up a static image in the position of the player with a menu selection off to the side. The menu could link to a separate page or using .xml (as in conjunction with Flash) could just hold a playlist which when a selection is clicked, plays the selected video.
    Here’s a separate page type of menu:
    Here’s an example of using an xml playlist with a Flash player:
    QuickTime is not exactly the most popular format, but if that’s what you have to work with, more power to you. I would be curious to know why you have chosen QT and how your compression is (let’s say in MB per minute of video). Of course that is affected by the bitrate so if you could include that I would appreciate it. I have just never been able to get a very good compression ratio using QT. Are you using a Mac or Windows? I’ve heard that Mac’s do a better job with QT than Windows.
    Hoping to share a little info…..

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