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Thread: amon.sys Error

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    When I boot up my Windows XP Pro, it shows the "welcome" screen and then I get the blue screen with this error:

    amon.sys - Address EF23D968 base at EF236000, Datestamp 42F8668D

    And below this it says, "dumping physical memory to disk"

    it then reboots. This keeps on hapenning again and again.

    Any solutions?

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    I did a quick search and found this. The OP of that thread seems to be suggesting that the deletion of the amon.sys file solves the problem (not being able to boot into windows, I would guess you would have to try to do it from the command line or something). Does that help at all?

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    I will try this when I get home and let you know.

    BTW, I searched in google before I posted but in vain

    Thanx for the help though.

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