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Thread: text not aligning in <ul>

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    text not aligning in <ul>

    I have a <ul> set within a container of a fixed width. If the text in the <li> is wider than the containers it wraps under the text but is just left of the text above it.

    How do i have the text that wraps align properly with the text above so that all li items are aligned properly?

    I have this css:
    .section-content ul{float:left;
    list-style: circle; text-align:left;
    .section-content ul li{text-align:left;
    margin-bottom: 3px;


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    The code you provided seems to work just fine. Do you have other CSS specified for ul/li (without the class)? Even better; do you have a link to the page that fails to render as you want?

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    You will have to make sure the list style position is "outside" - this may be getting over-ridden by another style rule. IE will probably hide the bullets in this situation, due to the different methods IE and FF handle the text indent and bullet display - taking control of all parameters of the <ul> margin and padding, and using left padding to provide the space for the bullet, ensures conformity cross browser :
    .section-content ul{
    	list-style: circle;
    	list-style-position: outside;
    	margin: 0;
    	padding: 0 0 0 2em;

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