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    Lightbulb Images for scrollbar...


    I downloaded a template and i noticed three or four images that look like scrollbar parts. Now, I know how to change the colors of the scrollbar, but is it possible to have images for it? If so, could someone explain it to me? I've only been on HTML for about a year... but some help is better than nothing.

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    Image Scroll bar

    Hello, i been using html for a while too, but i dont think its possible to use image on scroll bars, at least i never see it on any site i went to.

    if it is possible, i doubt by still give me a email plz @ lgleonheart@earthlink.net

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    In Mozilla,NS6/7 & Phoenix you can put images on scrollbars.

    Of cource you can't force that from a webpage, but is up to the user.

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    In addition to the above post,
    I think the post above meant that for NS6+ and Mozilla 1+ a developer can write a completely customised skin,hence changing completely the way browser window may look.If you want to look into it just go to
    mozdev.org and look for tutorials on themes or skins


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    oh really, i never use mozilla or NS. but i thought, most people that use internet are using IE....am i wrong?
    since most people use internet explorer, i dont think people should create site that is compatible on IE,

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    iff yow wanted yow could make a reg file that changed the bakcround of thi toolbars in internet explorer to ur image of choice, then offer it as download to ur website visitors. butt that wud mene that thiy would have thoise toulbars l time, efen when they not on ur siurte.

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