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Thread: Small Jewler's site. Suggestions?

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    Small Jewler's site. Suggestions?

    Hello, most CMS systems seem to be geared towards corporate sites with a ton of dynamic content. How about for a small business? I am creating a site for a fairly small Jewlery store. Most of the site will be static, but the client wants access to the image gallery section so they can update themselves. Is there an open source system that is available for my implementation, which would adhere to my own styles?

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    I used Textpattern before I made the switch to WordPress. It is an especially simple system because it uses HTML-like tags for the templates rather than PHP functions like WordPress. Many people use Textpattern for use as a full-on CMS so it is capable of it. It also (from what I remember) has a fairly easy-to-use administration area.

    That's the only thing I can think of right now. So, maybe give that a try. Hope that helps.

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