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    Flv Issue


    After reading the whole web video forum which help me a lot in understanding in this site I've converted video files (.dat) in FLV through 'FLASH ENCODER' and changed that FLV into SWF using component in flash.

    which works fine in local pc. but when I upload that SWF online it runs but without controls( I don't see any play ,stop button which I'm seeing on local PC)

    DO I need to upload FLV file as it is very heavy and takes time....

    I'd like to tell you that I'm not playing real time video, and just want to ensure that nobody can copy my video through right click. I agree any one can find them in temp files but that is not an issue to me.

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    I'm a little unclear as to which type of video format is giving you the trouble. Normally the video would be kept in the .flv format and played back on a player with was created inside a .swf file. The difference being that the .flv video could be as much as 25 MB, while the .swf player file could be less than 500Kb. So when you say "changed that FLV into SWF using component in flash", did you import the video and add it to the main timeline? Or are you simply using a video player in the .swf to play the .flv video?
    Be sure that the size of the container on the HTML Web page is large enough to accomodate the controls. So for example a 320 X 240 video would need a container of about 320 X 275 in order of the container to have room for the video and the controls below it (unless the controls are laid over the video). Also check which parameters are used, perhaps something there is countering your intentions

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    problem is solved.

    Thanks a lot ! problem is solved.. yes i was confused with HTML dimensions bt now it is quite clear to me.......thanks again

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