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Thread: how do I access the database when....

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    Smile how do I access the database when....

    I've posted this question before but only got replies from 1 person..

    I beseech your answers to this, programmers...

    How on earth do I access the database once the user has closed the browser, or navigated to another site?

    I can do:

    <body onunload="last_update()">

    which will call last_update() every time the user leaves the current page, including when the user closes the page...

    But can i still access the database using javascript? if it was a page upload, i can use ajax with no problem..but in my case, the browser has been closed...

    I am opened to ideas, suggestions..anything..throw em out at meeeeeeeeeee

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    I understand why i shouldnt rely on javascript to do database housekeeping - because the user might turn off javascript...but I will warn them to leave javascript on..but in my case i dont even know if ajax can still function once the browser is closed....

    So then what do you suggest? I am in need of suggestions...please somebody anybody say something speak please!!!!

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