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Thread: [RESOLVED] FileUploader under Window 2003 Server

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    resolved [RESOLVED] FileUploader under Window 2003 Server

    I had downloaded a FileUploader code as attached. This code works fine on my PC, Win XP SP2. But when I run this program hosted under Win 2003 Server, ther is a limitation, the program does not allow me to upload file which is more than 200KB. Anything less than 200KB is fine. I also have a checking for file size between 1KB to 2MB, but the code doesnt execute up to that part and it already failed.

    This is the code. Then count actually returns a 0 rather than 1.

    Set Uploader = New FileUploader
    Any ideas is much appreciated.

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    Got it solved, with the following help found somewhere on the Internet.

    Open your metabase.XML which is located in c:\Windows\System32\Inetsrv find the line "AspMaxRequestEntityAllowed" and change it to "1073741824". This is 1GB - of course you can enter another value to suite your needs.


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