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Thread: Having one blog draw info from another

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    Having one blog draw info from another

    I am still a relative newbie at this blogging stuff but have read enough to realize that my needs may be more easily met with a CMS than by just using WordPress.

    I am setting up a blog for my organization. There will be one blog for the organization and one for each of its members. These will all be kept on the same server.

    There will be a section of the organization's blog called "student of the month". I want this section to automatically be included on all 20 of our member's pages. Is there some way to do this? Is there a "global" or "public" format or section that will allow this to happen?

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    Define an RSS feed for student of the month and get everyone to sign up to that feed. That way when you update the student of the month page all people will see the changes you have made. I can't really think of anything else that could work for you.

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