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Thread: My "iOpener" and I need a new ISP.Any advice on who can hook me up?

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    Unhappy My "iOpener" and I need a new ISP.Any advice on who can hook me up?

    I do not have a computer,only a lowly iOpener.When Netpliance pulled the plug,our accounts were transferred to Earthlink.At first their service was satisfactory,however they keep making changes to their system that in turn disable my ability to access their features.As of Jan.6,2003 their newest "improvement" will go into effect,and no longer will I be able to use e-mail there.They still charge me $21.99 a month,despite the fact that I can't even access their features!Does anyone know of an ISP that is compatible with my iOpener,and that may even cost less?I'm so ticked at Earthlink right now that I'm willing to change even if it doesn't save me any $$$.All advice greatly appreciated!Thank you

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    Take a look at this site... another Fine Internet.com site btw


    Also you may want to just ask/call a local ISP to give you a demo account to test it out.

    I would take an educated guess that if Earthlink works on your Netpliance a majority of other local ISP's will work without to much of an issue.

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