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Thread: :: TARGET of links in FRAMES (simple question) ::

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    :: TARGET of links in FRAMES (simple question) ::

    I just have a quick question:

    A few pages in the website I am working will be split into two frames (header with horizontal menu + bottom frame displaying archived content from a previous version of the website).

    I need the links in the top frame to control the whole window, not just the frame they are in.
    For example, a link in the top frame would say "Return to event description" and when clicked, I would like the browser to bring the whole window to that page (without frames), not just load it inside the frame. I guess this cannot be achieved with the "Target" variable...how can I do this?

    Thanks in advance!

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    The only way I know to do it would be by setting the target attribute on the link to _blank or calling an onClick javascript function to kick the file into its own window.
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    That should do it for you (replace the frames document with a standard page occupying the same, full window.)


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