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Thread: Design a attractive web site

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    Design a attractive web site

    Hi all, I have just started working in my first web project. Please suggest me how can I make this website goodlooking and friendly. And please give me some tips so that search engines can find my web site.
    here is it : http://www.studydestination.com

    Thank you

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    That's a good start.

    Here are a few tips that came to my mind when I visited your home page:

    - for your menus, try to make them with CSS and not with Javascript : the page will be lighter, that avoid problems of compatibility, that's easier to update ...

    - make sure your pages are valid XHTML according to the W3C

    - Regarding the engligh / nepali date converter, I don't really understand it's use on your home page ... You should move it to a sub page of your site.

    Otherwise, I like the layout and colors and your topic is definitely intersting and useful!

    Regarding search engines, there would be a lot to tell ... once you'll have a good content, you'll need to optimise the <title> of your pages (btw, you need to make use of <h1></h1> <h2></h2> in your pages to define your titles and subtitles!!), add some meta tags as well (they don't have direct influence on search engine ranking but help in many other ways).
    Then you'll need to get links to your site, and links and links and links ...
    Take a look at : http://forums.digitalpoint.com/showthread.php?t=224828

    Good luck ;-)

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    the site itself is very attractive, nice colors to it
    like above comment
    you have some errors on your page
    but very nice
    keep it up


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