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Thread: Trying to run apache and iis on the same server.

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    Trying to run apache and iis on the same server.

    Hi everyone, I'm Phillip. It's my first time posting on this forum. I need help with something rather urgent. I'm working on a project at the moment that requires an integration between a .NET application plus a eNETS Payment Merchant. The eNETs Payment Merchant is a Java application that's supposed to run on the apache server on the same server machine, and the .NET application on the IIS of the same machine.

    The server is not mine, but I have been given permission to configure it so that the integration can work. Can anyone help me by giving me some ideas and pointers as to how I can run both Apache and IIS at the same time?

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    You basically have to configure them to listen to different ports:


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    the only restriction you have is that iis and tomcat (which is i assume what you mean by apache) must run on different ports. if iis is already on 80, tomcat should be configured for another port.
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