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Thread: Need advanced search on project!!!

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    Need advanced search on project!!!

    Hi all, I have a project going which involves the search on various chemicals used in the pharma industry. I have tried searching on the net but all I land up is on the pages that I have already visited. I need to find something that is more than the usual information I have, need to access the web pages that store more information about them. Do you people know any thing that can help me find specific information on the net?

    Your suggestions could make my project better.

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    Why would you not use a Wiki or some part of one... that way other keywords would be noticed and then linked to those pages.

    I think that would work great for a interaction or information.
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    I would suggest you start to search the Deep Web. It is estimated that the Deep Web contains more information than the surface Web by several magnitudes. The Deep Web is where most of the scholarly research and proprietary information is stored. Because of that, much of it is “Pay per View”, but many colleges and universities have free access to portions of the Deep Web that students (or people in their libraries) can access. We used it often in several of my classes. Dig into these resources and see what you can discover!
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