Hello, I have a php page with a button which I want to use in order to send data to a jsp page. The code for the button in the php page is :

echo "<td align=\"center\"><form method=\"post\" action=\"http://mysite.blabla.com/input.jsp\">".
      "<input class=\"formbutton\" type=\"submit\" value=\"Run program\"/>".
     "<input type=\"hidden\" name=\"formInput\" value=\">".$code."\n".$sequence."\"/>".
and I use the code above in order to fill data in the textarea in the jsp page. Tha code in the input.jsp page is:

        <textarea class="small" name="formInput" ></textarea>
The problem is that I do not see any data being written in the textarea when I press the button...
PS: Both $code and $sequence have values and I can see them if I print them in my php page...