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    Site Review

    What do you guys think of http://www.gerbsproductions.com

    Any suggestions, and comments?

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    Well, you have a lot of empty space in the header.

    The blue striped background does not match up well against the background in the header. You might want to try something that is a little more on the purple side.

    The navigation with the underlining links gives the site an outdated look. You might want to try making the links bold and changing the background instead of underlining the links.

    The coding isn't bad. You might want to remember that there are other html elements besides div and they have a purpose. For example the header tags (H1, H2, etc) are useful for people who use screen readers. They let the person know what is a header. Paragraph tags say there is a few lines of text to read. You can always change the way they look using CSS.
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    Consider a redesign of the layout not very aesthetically pleasing. The Code is fine but you are selling web design and want your site to sell itself. Really like the banner graphic well done

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