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Thread: Standard Font size?

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    Standard Font size?

    What is the Standard font size for web design?
    Currently: http://www.FreeBSD-World.com/

    I have it set to 1.0em
    What should it be?

    I'm working on an all new design.
    For now how is the text size?


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    I'm not sure what you mean

    but maybe you want it small. Try this font-size: .9em;

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    Looks better?
    Just checking font size in general didn't know if there was a standard

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    There isn't a standard.
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    No 'standard' exisits, -and MY browser's default (as dictated by me) will probably over-ride your setting/s on your page viewed upon my computer, but, a 'standardizing' setting is:

    body {font-size:65%;....}

    which will make the font-size of "100%" the same as the font-size "1.0em". This solve some issues with '...why does my font-size look different in Firefox than it does in IE...', which is a common complaint. Else, font-sizes will vary rather wildly between IE and allother browsers...

    This was a big problem with old HTML "font size="value" " that the size="value" if it were "1", the "size" might be less-than 9px which is just below the normal threshold of legible, convenient reading. 'Standardizing' the font-size in the "body" first, helps address this.
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    From what I know, a good base font size is typically around 12px or 16px because various browsers have various defaults. After that, you can use ems or percentages as necessary.

    Starting with relative values like 100% or 1.0em just sets the base font size to be the same as the browser's default, which really is pointless to even set, in that case, except for verbosity and clarity of the code, perhaps.

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