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Thread: query problem

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    query problem

    Hi all,

    In my database I build a string called description. from this:
    $description="Collection on ".$_SESSION['servicedate']." at ".$churchname." - ".$servicename; The string looks like thi:
    Collection on 05/04/2008 at Dicks Aposolic Church - Noon Service
    That is what is in the field in the table named "GL_Description";
    After making some changes, I need to update the record BUT ....
    after building the same string and using the sql of:
    $sql="select * from general_ledger where GL_Description='".$description."'";
    it returns a -1 and cannot find the record.
    I tried putting quotes around the string but that didn't work either.
    Can anyone help?
    Dick Deeds

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    execute the sql outside of your script. are you able to get results then?
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