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Thread: Different size video (same video) on the post page from the main page in wordpress.

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    resolved Different size video (same video) on the post page from the main page in wordpress.

    I am working on launching a simple blog where every now and then I will add flash videos. I did some modification to the theme to make it look how I want and it is almost ready... but what I need help with is... a way to have different size (width and height) of the flash video from the main page and individual page ....
    The individual post page has only one sidebar and the main page has two. Now I want my video to be smaller on the main page so it fits, but then when going to the post page I want the video to be larger so it fits there perfectly too.
    I know it's easier to just continue with the same size but I want it this way (removed one of the sidebars in purpose from the post page).
    Note: on the first page the video doesn't have to play- meaning when someone clicks on the video on the main page they should be directed to the post page instead of the video starting to play.... so for all I care I could have an image or screenshot of the video on the main page. I just don't know how to do it.
    I would really appreciate if anyone could direct me to a wordpress plug in or show me how to do this. Thanks

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    Please don't keep posting this question. Also, this is not the correct forum for your question. I have moved it.

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