I'm Paul Stovell, lead developer of the SWEBS Web Server. We're looking into getting SSI into the server. I've found a lot of information on SSI, but its all tutorials and specs on how to code it. I need more of a guide on how to interpret it.

The tutorials i've found all seem to just cover <!--#echo and <!--#inclue, and thats about all. I need a sort of top-down view of SSI, how to interpret it rather than how to write it.

If anyone can give me links on such guides, or alternativley a library (for windows) that can be used for interpreting it, I would really appreciate it Thanks.

PS: In about 3 weeks we should have CGI incorperated into the server as well, so I urge anyone interested to download it then and give it a go, you'll be surprised by how well it runs!

~ Paul Stovell