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Thread: Website won't display on specific isp

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    Website won't display on specific isp

    I have several websites hosted with lanehost.com and over the weekend, there was some billing software update problem that caused all of my sites to be down for a couple days. It's been resolved at the host end and I can get back to the sites fine. But, some of my clients (all on the same ISP) are having trouble connecting to the site. They are getting page cannot be displayed on all of the sites I have at lanehost. Anyone have any idea what's causing this or how I can fix it? They also can't check mail through Outlook or through the webmail I set up for them.

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    Shouldn't you be posting this question to lanehost tech support?
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    Yep, we wouldn't be able to help as it's their servers and their set-up. Hope it works out soon for you.

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    I think the ISP in question might have some DNS caching system. Your host, during the billing system fiasco, probably resolved your domain name to a different address. This DNS resolution was picked up by other DNS servers, and possibly cached for a certain amount of time. There are a few possibilities:

    1) Wait. After a certain amount of time, the DNS cache will expire, and the ISP's DNS servers will query one of the main DNS servers in the world, and they will have the updated information.

    2) Contact your web host and explain the problem. Perhaps they have dealt with this before and know a way to fix it. The billing and IT departments don't always talk to each other in cases like this, because the non-techies in billing don't know about DNS resolution (no should they, and still be working in billing).

    3) Contact the ISP and ask them if they implement DNS caching, how often the cache expires, and if you can request a certain domain name be expired manually.

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