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Thread: [RESOLVED] Php5 not connecting to MySQL5

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    resolved [RESOLVED] Php5 not connecting to MySQL5

    I am moving to a dedicated server (yay!) from a shared hosting package, here are the details:
    php 5.2.5
    mysql 5.0.45
    linux fedora
    litespeed (apache interchangeable) server

    I compiled php5 with the following:
    --with-mysql --with-mysqli --with-zlib --with-gd --enable-mbstring --with-mhash --with-mcrypt --with-dom --enable-simplexml --with-pdo-mysql --with-iconv --enable-shmop --enable-track-vars --enable-sockets --enable-sysvsem --enable-sysvshm --enable-magic-quotes

    (above verified with phpinfo.php, does litepeed show loaded modules like apache? There is no litespeed info section like apache...)

    added to the php.ini file :


    ; Default socket name for local MySQL connects. If empty, uses the built-in
    ; MySQL defaults.
    mysql.default_socket =/var/lib/mysql/mysql.sock

    my phpinfo is showing the following for MySql:

    Active Persistent Links 0
    Active Links 0
    Client API version 5.0.45
    MYSQL_MODULE_TYPE external
    MYSQL_SOCKET /var/lib/mysql/mysql.sock
    MYSQL_INCLUDE -I/usr/include/mysql
    MYSQL_LIBS -L/usr/lib/mysql -lmysqlclient

    My php scripts work like a charm, but they can't connect to MySQL! I have been drudging through forums looking for something to try, but have not found a solution. I have thus found this forum, which seems to have the most knowledgeable members.

    Please lend a sugestion, as I am under the gun to get this done, I really apprecite the help!

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    i suggest you start by posting a code sample showing how you connect to mysql, and any errors you're getting when connecting.
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    Cool How I connect

    This is a zen cart installation, it is an open source ecommerce solution. I have never had an issue hosting this script on any other host, so I have to assume it is not a syntax or misused function error. This is a new install, I suspect it has to do with the way PHP and MySQL talk to each other, maybe a permissions error, or something along those lines. Thanks for responding so quickly, I appreciate your help, but I think this issue has to be dealt with using a different approach.

    Any more comments or input from others is always welcomed!!


    edit: also when the error occurs, I get the default "we are having trouble connecting to our database" page zen cart displays, Ill work on getting a better error message then that though.

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    First thing I would do is see if Zen Cart has a configuration option to use the PDO extension or else the mysqli interface instead of mysql. If not, you might want to check out the sticky posts [/url]here[/url] (wevdeveloper.com's sister forum phpbuilder.com) to see if they shed any light on the subject.

    (Note that it looks like PHP6 will probably emphasize PDO, and all database-specific extensions will likely be moved to PECL, making them potentially even more problematic to use.)
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    thanks everyone, especially NogDog, Ive seen your posts before, and you are truly a man among mice in the php realm.

    it was the code that was the issue, or actually the password I had for the database login (I used the old pw) :banghead:

    anyway, for those of you troubleshooting a similar issue and winding up in this thread try the following script to do a very simple test to the connection, put it in a plain text file (or use you php ide) and save it as anything really (iI used mysql_test.php) slap it on your server and type the location into your browser.

    $link = mysql_connect('localhost', 'sbi', '******');
    if (!$link) {
       die('Could not connect: ' . mysql_error());
    echo 'Connected successfully';
    Hope my despair helps somebody! Again thanks for answering this thread.
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