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Thread: Sound on/off button

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    Sound on/off button

    Hi there,
    With risk to annoy hundreds of people with asking so simple question, and maybe in the wrong place, i'm asking you guys to help the newb.
    I followed that tutorial http://www.entheosweb.com/Flash/flash_sound_button.asp to create a sound on/off button, but i need to add some SharedObject? script so it can remember its on or off state, even if page is refreshed. I'm totally new to flash, doubt i'll use it again and all that probably basic to you stuff is alien to me.
    Appreciate any help!

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    Can you post your code in here?

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    It's exactly as it is in the tutorial, here's a link to the flash file: http://www.entheosweb.com/Flash/downloads/sound.zip
    It's 2 movie clips: one for sound, one for the buttons.

    The sound one has 3 frames:
    frame 1 with the actual sound and the code: stop();
    frame 2 with the code: stop(); gotoAndStop(1);
    frame 3 with the code: stop(); gotoAndPlay(1);

    The buttons clip has 2 frames:
    frame 1, button for sound-off and the code:
    on (release) {tellTarget ("../sound") {stopAllSounds();}}
    on (release) {nextFrame();}
    frame 2, button for sound-on and the code:
    on (release) {tellTarget ("../sound") {nextFrame();}}
    on (release) {prevFrame();}

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