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Thread: Password Protection folders in network

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    Question Password Protection folders in network


    I run windows xp Pro and run a workgroup networking in my office.

    I have an NTFS drive in my comp, under the drive I have 5 folders named after the staffs in my office, now I want my office staff only to access folders with their names. So i need to set username/password for each individual staff for each folders. How can I do this?


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    They need to have local accounts on the "server" computer, then you need to boot the computer in safe mode so you can see the "security tab".
    Once in safe mode, right click on a folder that you wish to change the permissions of, go to the security tab and modify the settings to your requirements.

    Make sure the local user accounts of the users are only limited accounts, otherwise they can just take ownership of a folder if they know how.

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    You can first create the user account for the staff using add remove users from control panel. Also you can implement folder level permission for each folder to allow access to the respective user.

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    Rather than booting into safe mode, you could simply open a folder and go to:
    Tools -> Folder Options...

    The click on the View tab and scroll down to the very bottom to deselect, "Use Simple File Sharing (Recommended)".

    When you right click -> Properties on a folder now, the security tab will have many more options available and you can grant certain users to access to certain folders.
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    If your XP is running from a FAT32 drive, making it secure could pose issues. If you have this then you need to convert to NTFS for better security.

    Just because your running XP pro, does not mean that you have NTFS as the filing system.
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