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Thread: Open/Save dialog

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    Open/Save dialog

    I have a link and when clicking on it the file is opened, but I want to display the Open/Save dialog so that people could decide whether to open the file or save it.
    Here is the code:
    <a href="../downloads/armhlv.ttf">font</a>

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    if you're on apache you can add this to your .htaccess
    AddType application/octet-stream .ttf
    I've never tried with a ttf before thought so if that doesn't work try putting it in a zip.

    You can do it in a script on any IIS too (and apache) by forcing the type in the same way (to application/octet-stream).
    see Example #1 Download dialog

    .htaccess should be faster
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    Lightbulb Thank you

    Thank you very much, I didn't think of zipping

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