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Thread: reliable html to string via Javascript

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    Angry reliable html to string via Javascript

    I have tried to search for a solution to this problem before posting here but anything related to strings kicks back a million reference pages and when I start trying to get any more specific everything I find is about writing to the DOM when I need to just read it out!

    I was using innerHTML and passing it through as well formatted XML to Flash for parsing. This was working great in Firefox and I thought I was nearly finished when I had the bright idea of testing in IE7. FAIL! Malformed XML could not be parsed.
    <DIV id=projects>
    <div id="projects">
    How can I get the equivalent string return for my HTML structure in IE7? innerHTML is not going to work as IE7 is stripping information and reformatting my text.

    This is a sample of what I am using now:

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    Afaik you will have to reformat the string to XML using regular expressions.
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    Well I banged on some regex stuff for a while and what follows seems to work fairly well by first breaking the xml and then patching it again. I wish there was an easier way to wrap attributes in quotes but this seems to be working.

    var dataString = document.getElementById("pageContainer").innerHTML;
    if(navigator.appName == "Microsoft Internet Explorer")
    	dataString = dataString.replace(/\bDIV id=+\b/g,"div id=\"");
    	dataString = dataString.replace(/\bDIV class=+\b/g,"div class=\"");
    	dataString = dataString.replace(/\b>/g,'\">');
    	dataString = dataString.replace(/\bDIV\">/g,'div>');
    	dataString = dataString.replace(/.image=/g,"\" image=");
    	dataString = escape(dataString);

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